Trekking in the Langtang Valley with Kids

“Mum, look, there is a yak!” My daughter comes running back towards me after she had already turned the next corner of the trek that is winding its way through the mountains. She had wanted to see a yak since we started this trek, so this moment is super exciting. With every step I take I can see more of it. First the horns, then the hairy head, and finally the entire animal in all its beauty. It is lying on the grass, chewing uninterrupted, with the snowcapped mountains in the backdrop. Could a view be any more perfect?

The Langtang Trek in Nepal is one of the most famous trekking routes in the country. The Langtang National park lies north of Kathmandu and borders Tibet. There are three main treks that you can also combine if you have enough time: Langtang, Helambu and the Tamang Heritage Trail. Unfortunately, the area suffered a lot during the 2015 earthquake, but reconstruction efforts have been swift. Last spring my eight-year-old daughter and I chose to do the Langtang Trek for eight days and had an amazing time.

We started our trek in Syarubesi after a bumpy 10-hour bus ride. We stayed the first night in Syarubesi, but if you reach here early it might make sense to already start and sleep on the other side of the river – it is much calmer there. On the first hiking day we had to cross several suspension bridges. My daughter had so much fun crossing them, while I suffer from fear of heights, but I made it across them anyways.

The author and her daughter. Photo: Eva Wieners

The Langtang Trek basically follows the Langtang Valley up to Kanjin Gompa, where most trekkers stop. Almost the whole the way you follow the river, which makes it a great trek with children. I cannot tell you how many times we stopped to put our feet in the river, play with boats made from leaves and sticks or just climb the rocks on the shore.

By: Eva Wieners

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